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Tweets-of-the-Month: June 2017 (#peoplesuck)

Blue bird(Photo: gamegfx/Bigstock)


Nothing like spending my Saturday checking every pawn shop in town looking for my stolen golf clubs



Great. Now I’m going to be p**sed off all day. Thank you so much.

T.M. Spencer @tm_spencer


I used to wonder why old people were so grumpy now I know it’s because they hope society will get better and it just gets worse

FeFe King @FeFeKing


Not gonna lie…even my friends teach me how to hate people.

Briana @boringgoddess


I honestly believe there is beauty in everything..but NOT everyone!

Donald Berger @milwaukeedon414


Another shooting, another gun debate. I have one simple rule: You Shoot It – You Eat It!!!

KatBas @KatharinaBasta


Most people never use their college degrees in real life, especially as a job. I, however, use my acting degree as a bartender. 

Courtney Annette @ NcNeelyCat


Wait until you’re 28. The list keeps growing

Nathan A. Erickson @ericksonnat




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