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Top Tweets: February #peoplesuck

Blue bird

(Photo: gamegfx/Bigstock)


Neighbor just told me she didn’t care for my trellis & offered to help me take it down in the spring.

Ridin’ Querty@twin_coyotes


Just because you say “no offense” doesn’t mean it isn’t still offensive.



I hate walking my dog because she always stops to play with other dogs and I have to pretend to be friendly with their owners.

Easton Elting@78Eman78


Nice try to the asshole who tried to charge $766 of hair extension on my credit card.

Patrick McGing@S4E80


Guy left his laptop unattended at a table. I’ve had to informĀ 3 people that it doesn’t belong to them.

Derek Lendrum@DerekLendrum



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