Tweets-of-the-Month: March 2017 (#peoplesuck)

Blue bird(Photo: gamegfx/Bigstock)


Just watched rabbit jump into street. Hears car opp. direction Rabbit turns. Car crosses yellow into opp. lane runs over rabbit.

Bryan Dumas @BryanDumas

I had a friend who meant the world to me. Someone else came along and I was sent away. It hurt, it hurts still.

Claire @ck227_

I had to resist the urge to call someone the C word just now so instead I said my favourite phrase “You absolute walnut!”

Shan Shan @ Octyp

You know those people that use merge lanes to bypass traffic…let’s get rid of those people

Tyler Urtel @TylerUrtel

c’mon guys. Don’t be sick. Don’t feed alcohol to animals. they didn’t ask for this abuse. Jesus.

Mallory nutt @malloryjn

Seeing the little branches called “suckers” destroying my trees reminded me to, “get rid of the suckers in my own life.”

Immortal Angel @Immortal_Angel

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