Tweets-of-the-Month: July 2016 (#peoplesuck)

Blue bird

(Photo: gamegfx/Bigstock)


If u wanna know how ppl truly feel about n treat each other, just go to the grocery store on a saturday or sunday, smh.

IIIz Colorado@WillTeschll


I was enjoying a nice stroll with my daughter only to come across arseholes allowing their Kids to throw stones at the Ducks

Cathryn Lane@Casmethos


Airport. Family of 4. Little boy, 5, smiling. Happy. Dirty looks; unsure why. He’s happy. Family is happy. He’s in a dress.

Carrie Ann xx@XXCarrieAnn


Being a good person doesn’t mean being kind when you are doing it as a benefit to yourself.

Kiki Wright@WhimsiEscapes


Sometimes I fantasize about telling all the people I know who suck how much they actually suck. A girl can dream.

Katie Leigh@Kfaltus


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