Tweets-of-the-Month: July 2017 (#peoplesuck)

Blue bird(Photo: gamegfx/Bigstock)


You are not going to cut in front of me to get on this bus. Wait your turn.

Ceci Daisy @Ceciladrose


Sometimes when I go for a break at work I sit in the washroom stall so I don’t have to talk to anyone



I used to be a people person…until people ruined it

Julia @jgonzalez8580


Left mine unlocked because there was nothing to steal and they still broke the window

Codi Hemphill @exbycodi


Makes me sad to be the same gender… 

Alan daly @referee1759


So some fool sleeps through his stop and pulls the emergency stop lever – meaning a 30 min delay for everyone

Alex Ives @alex_bettert


Ever notice how ppl only listen to respond w/their own story and don’t even listen to what the other is saying?  

Jessica Anderson @jessbot50


There is no excuse for dumping your child’s dirty diaper in the parking lot. You’re a lazy, terrible person if you do.

Santos L. Halper @Cromulentness



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