Tweets-of-the-Month: April 2017 (#peoplesuck)

Blue bird(Photo: gamegfx/Bigstock)


Dear men at airports: Family bathrooms NOT created so u could take a dump alone. It’s for families & disabled.

bluehairmom @bluehairmom


Just saw a bird pick up a piece of trash and try flying off with it. I’m disgusted.

Hannah Warner @renraw_hannah


Isn’t it funny how the worst parts about jobs are the bosses, coworkers, or customers. Not the job itself…

Garcia @ JoseDG8


So someone hacked my @Starbucks Stole $30 and used my reward.

April Smith @675


You know, if you put your house up for sale for X and someone offers you X, the honorable thing is to take it, not fuck around

Rich Hansell @Rhansell


Waiting at a stop sign and a car with a “baby on board” sticker proceeds to go right through it…

Travis Fetting @TravisFetting


There’s a special place in hell for those who berate fast food employees over inane bullshit.

Catwo0d @ Catwo0d


The biggest take away from my first year in Journalism is that #peoplesuck

Bailey Barnson @TheRevNeverend


Bullshit people with bullshit philosophies. I’m definitely in #peoplesuck mode today

CaroPinkGirl @CaroBlackKenobi


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