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By Barbara Bellesi (Bella NYC: The Influencer Issue) March/April 2014, p.125
Sometimes, it’s really not you. It’s him. Or her. Or all of humanity. Kochanski’s hilarious book calls out 1,001 types of folks who really know how to rain on your parade.  Misery sure does love company – especially when the company is this hilarious!


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By Lisa Myers (Rebates Zone)

Whether you are a person who likes people, does not like people, or pretends not to like people; this is a must read. This humor filled poetic one liner masterpiece will have you chuckling, smirking, and smiling in no time. Most of the content can be related to, because it involves real situations taken out of context. You can read this with your family over the holidays and share the fun. Once you are done with it, it will still make for a good go to when you are sitting down and doing your “business” in the loo.

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By Kathleen Martin (Mom and Pop Culture)
1,001 People That Suck, by Kerri Kochanski,is one of the funniest books I have read in a long time. This book is an awesome list of the things that bug us all about humanity. From the big things to the little, you will find yourself in fine company as you commiserate over the annoyances we all face (and are sometimes guilty of!) in this lighthearted look at the less pleasant side of people. Click HERE to order your copy for only $13.00. A steal for such a good laugh!

By Pam Margolis (An Unconventional Librarian)
If you hate things or people that suck, this is the book for you. Everything that could possibly suck is listed in this fun book. Read it in one sitting, or pick it up periodically but eiBther way you’ll laugh, groan, and agree that many things suck. When you’re done reading, go to her website and chat with others about what sucks.

And honestly, I thought I was the only one who noticed many things suck.

Did I mention the book rhymes?

Who doesn’t love that??



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by Libby (Goodreads Librarian) ★★★★★

1,001 People That Suck, by Kerri Kochanski, was designed to be a fun book with everything taken out of context. It contained a series of one-liners that poked fun at everyone: you/me, family members, friends, acquaintances, strangers and groups of people. My family and I took turns reading sections of this book…calling out whatever person’s name applied to the “people that suck” sentence, giving hyperbolic examples and laughing so hard that our stomachs hurt a little bit and our faces burned from constant smiles.

We particularly enjoyed that there were multiple ways to read this book. One could make songs out of the sentences that rhymed…like a Dr. Seuss book…bringing us back to our younger years and laughing with that inner child that has been forcibly hidden because of “people that suck!”

It was a piece that could be enjoyed in one sitting; but, this was one of those rare books that created a “more, the merrier” type of dynamic. Beyond good times and humor, the book offered the possibility of other applications and a wider audience draw, especially for people mourning a loss due to a relationship breakup and/or someone pushing himself/herself through the very difficult, multiple steps of a self-improvement/recovery program. This compendium afforded all of us the opportunity to look at ourselves and think about what and how we do things could unnecessarily hurt others, despite Kochanski’s humorous delivery methodology.

It is with the aforementioned in mind, and other reasons that you can discover when you read this book, “1001 People That Suck” earns a solid five-star rating.

The aforementioned opinions are purely my own and not reflective of author nor publisher bias; but, as mandated by Federal Law of the United States of America, I am required to advise that I received this book, free of charge, as a giveaway from the GoodReads FirstReads Program.


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