A call for social change

Kerri Kochanski, author of 1,001 People That Suck is fed up with bad humanity and unkind behavior, and is “calling people out.”  Championing kindness, tolerance, and understanding, the book “publicly shames” people who commit social crimes.  As these crimes generally go unpunished, offenders fail to suffer a consequence, and thus, their bad behavior and unkindness continues.  The book, however, delivers a consequence. It “officially” (and entertainingly) identifies 1,001 people who engage in bad humanity and unkind behavior, and labels them as “people that suck.” Pointing out humorous, serious, and questionable instances that are “really, just not right,” the book skewers offenders, and condemns them in the process.

“If you think people behaving badly is not an epidemic, it is.” There are over 2 million entries on Google and over 6 million videos on YouTube that reference “people suck.”  People are disturbed by bad behavior.  And by ignoring, downplaying or accepting unpleasantness, we are creating serious, larger issues.  Bullies are causing children to commit suicide, road rage is causing drivers to harm other drivers by running them off the road – even stalking, assaulting and killing them.  The bad guys are starting to win, and the good guys need to do something. We’ve reached a tipping point.  “Enough is enough.”

Media reviewers are loving the book, saying it’s: “hilarious” – Barbara Bellesi (BellaNYC Magazine: The Influencer Issue), “fun” – Pam Margolis (An Unconventional Librarian blog), “one of the funniest books I have read in a long time” – Kathleen Martin (Mom and Pop Culture blog).

Individual reviewers from across the United States on Goodreads are saying it’s: “”light & fun”- Gerard (Jacksonville, FL) , “cute” – Ashley (Mineral, VA), “funny and serious and amazing!” – Tucker (Kennesaw, GA), “real” – Shana (Clifton, NJ), “an OMG read…LOVED this book!!!!” – Gary (Minooka, IL),  and “I am definitely going to pick up more copies of this book and give them as Christmas gifts this year” – Tami (Pacoima, CA).

Readers can commiserate about the subject, and engage in discussion on the book’s blog:   They can also view entries from the book, along with videos, social challenges, and additional content.

Kerri Kochanski  grew up in Bayonne, New Jersey – a town with character, and a lot of characters.  Moving through college to the entertainment industry to the nonprofit theatre world – and then to graduate school (as an MFA student in Playwriting) – Kerri was later, thrust into the corporate arena.  Well-traveled, she has experienced a variety of people and cultures, and participated in a number of different industries. The book is a culmination of the bad humanity and unkind behavior she has encountered on her life’s journey.  For more information about Kerri, please visit



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